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Do You Want a Traditional, Modern, or Contemporary Bathroom Design?

The Cabinetree Inc., works with homeowners and contractors to design custom bathrooms for home renovations and new home builds. The brands and suppliers we partner with offer a variety custom cabinetry, countertops, and more. While bathroom designs vary, many fall into one of three categories: traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Traditional Bathrooms: Traditional bathrooms usually include furniture-style vanities. dressing tables, and antique-style lighting. They also tend to have stone countertops and floors. Often, people choose traditional bathrooms prefer classic bathtubs like claw-foot or pedestal styles. Wall treatments include wainscoting, wallpaper, and decorative molding. Traditional bathroom colors are usually soft, relaxing, subtle, and neutral.

Modern Bathrooms: Modern bathrooms focus on the architecture. They usually include floating vanities with frameless mirrors and streamlined lighting. Often, they have either glass shower enclosures, freestanding bathtubs, or both with minimalist faucets. Modern bathroom colors are crisp and clean whites, subtle neutrals or black.

Contemporary Bathrooms: Contemporary bathrooms combine technology with clean lines and minimal décor. This style includes sleek vanities and mirrors, though their mirrors tend to be “smart” mirrors. Often the floors and walls are made of statement tile. Like modern bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms usually have minimalist faucets and glass shower enclosures, but with digital controls. Contemporary bathroom colors can range from black-and-white to high-contrast color combinations.

Remodel Your Home’s Galley Kitchen to Island, L-Shaped, or One Wall

If your home needs upgraded and renovated beyond the bathroom, consider a kitchen remodel. Older homes often have small, galley kitchens unable to accommodate growing families. Sometimes these kitchens need custom cabinetry and custom countertops for functionality and a make-over. If you want a change, consider a kitchen design like L-Shaped, Island, or One Wall. Here is what each design represents:

L-Shaped Kitchens: L-Shaped kitchens usually include cabinets along two perpendicular walls. This open kitchen design makes placement of appliances and work zones flexible. If space allows homeowners with L-shaped kitchens make the most of the L’s corner with a walk-in pantry cupboard.

Island Kitchens: Island kitchen designs focus on creating a large work surface or storage area in the middle of the kitchen. The countertops of the island can be used for cooking and eating surfaces. The cabinets often make up the bottom of the island. The island inthis style often serves as both a prep and social area. With the island’s location in the center of the kitchen, decorative lighting can also serve as task lighting.

One Wall Kitchens: One wall kitchens are perfect for smaller homes. This simple kitchen design is bothefficient and functional. Cabinets generally get installed against a single wall. Often, they include shelving over the cabinets. The fridge gets placed on one end, the oven in the middle, and the sink at the other end.

Our Custom Cabinetry and Custom Countertops Also Work in Offices

At The Cabinetree Inc, we do more than home renovations. We can also renovate desks and office spaces.

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